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Welcome to the world of our Cats. 
Bob and Naga. Here you will find hunnnndreds of photos of our little kitties and their antics. 
Bob is new to the family. A year old, and sadly had a tough time. Becoming unwell at just 5 weeks old, he has sadly suffered with Herpes, Toxoplasmosis and Cat Flu. He has lost his sight and sadly had one eye removed. We believe he has a very small amount of vision remaining in his remaining eye. Below are some photos of Bob when he first came home. Spritely and brave he was a feisty kitten that didn’t like to be left alone. 


Bob 1 year later. He is sadly not quite as visually perfect as he once was. He is also much more timid, and careful how he gets about. He still enjoys sitting out in the sun and following his step sister Naga around, even if she doesn’t much care for him. 

Naga is an 11 year old Maine Coon. Adopted at 2 years old, she has led a very healthy life with barely any problem. Though Maine Coon’s do not typically live as long as other breeds due to their large size, she shows no sign of slowing up.